Well done VWORKER for your arbitration feature

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I am a provider of sales writing with TWO different freelance sites. I have had experience with a bad client with each. With Vworker I put the problem straight into Arbitration and got paid within a day or do. With the bad client on the other FreElance site, escrow didn’t turn on for repeat projects plus arbitration is expensive. I ended up not getting paid at all for a $450 job (despite my protests to the other freElance site!) Well done VWORKER for your arbitration feature.

Bill Oliver – Muar Johor, Malaysia


Vworker – Able To Hire Employees From Anywhere

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Being able to hire employees from anywhere in the globe is something that was unthinkable just a couple of years ago. This ability for business to hire from all over the world has served to revolutionize virtually any industry which uses it. The practices of outsourcing and freelancing have become incredibly important to the future of employment opportunities. Businessmen often prefer to hire people for individual projects rather than having to hire workers long term. There is no reason employers need to be stuck with a programmer after one brief interview with no real way to determine whether they’ll get what they’re paying for. Freelancing is now a common practice in many industries—especially in the industries of publishing, editing, writing, programming, and graphic design.

A plethora of websites have been created over the last couple of years in order to help freelancers to find work. The the most well known and respected website of this kind is VWorker. Vworker is a company that runs a website—the main purpose of which is to facilitate business between freelancers and the businessmen who need their services. VWorker is not just an open market, though, they have created a system for rating the freelancers who frequent the site. This protects entrepreneurs from being scammed and protects top freelancers from having to compete with others who are less-than-reputable.

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